Apartments for Rent

Unfurnished Apartments for Rent

Note: The Housing Authority continues to receive regular patrols by the City Police Department.

Your rent can be calculated 1 of 3 ways:

1. 30% of adjusted gross income

2. Flat rent

3. Minimum rent

Flat rent amounts effective 01/01/2020

One bedroom $400.00
Two bedroom $524.00
Three bedroom $707.00
Four bedroom-1 Toilet or 2 Toilets $789.00/$787.00
Five bedroom- 2 toilets


The bathrooms are brand new.

As of 04-21-23 Upcoming Vacancies are:

  • 1(2) Bedroom Vettas St. 
  • 1(2) Bedroom MLK Dr. 
  • 1(1) Scallan St.


Consider living at the Marksville Housing Authority. Visit our office at 100 N Hillside Drive, Marksville, LA 71351 to see if you are eligible for these low-rents or fill out our application online.


Applicants must be aware that a thorough screening process will be conducted which includes police record checks on all adult members of the household.